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Once you feel confident running 5km, you may want to try getting a faster time….

This will happen naturally over time, just by running the 5km regularly.  You will obviously become fitter and more confident in your ability to read your own body and know when you can push harder, as well as when you need to pull back.

But occasionally we plateau – that PB just isn’t getting quicker, despite feeling like you are giving it your all at every parkrun!  We’ve all been there.

Moving on from Zero to Hero, why not try Run England with Mick Jones.   Here Mick shares some information about his groups…

“I run three Run England sessions each week and have now led over 500 Run England sessions. The Wednesday evening group and the Tuesday group have each been running for four years and the newest the Thursday morning group replaces the session that used to be on a Wednesday morning. I aim to make all of the sessions accessible to runners of all abilities. We don’t just go and run, we do warm up and mobility exercises, we work on running style, we do different paced runs, relays, sprints, run uphill, run downhill and we don’t take it too seriously. If you’re not sure of how you would get on in one of our sessions, why not come along and just try the warm up and meet the others in the group.

Run England is the official England Athletics recreational running project which aims to get the whole nation running, regardless of age, fitness level or background.”


If you really want to improve your fitness, come and try Metafit. It is a short but high intensity workout. It works on the HIIT principle and is designed to improve your range of movement skills and work the four major muscle groups. It is appropriate for all fitness levels as all the exercises have progressions and regressions. In fact the fitter you are the harder it gets. My mixed group of metafitters include, Junior athletics Champions, world senior athletics medallists, grandparents, mums and dads.



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