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Ok, so now I can run…..what next?!

You’ve graduated from our course, you’ve caught the running bug, you’ve made great friends and your park run PB is getting smaller and smaller…what now?! Well, the world of running is a huge one.  Once you are confident at your 5km distance you can think about joining a running club.  Running clubs offer so much

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Your local running clubs…..


One of your local running clubs is Orpington Road Runners.  Here, Club Chairman Caroline Jeffrey tells us why she believes it’s the best there is! “Orpington Road Runners is a running club with a wonderful reputation of being quite simply the friendliest and most welcoming of running clubs there is. Since the club was founded

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How to get faster with Mick Jones!

Once you feel confident running 5km, you may want to try getting a faster time…. This will happen naturally over time, just by running the 5km regularly.  You will obviously become fitter and more confident in your ability to read your own body and know when you can push harder, as well as when you

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