Where do you meet?

We meet in the carpark of Norman Park (The Meadway carpark on the mini roundabout), at 10 am on Wednesday mornings. Each session lasts no more than an hour.....but add some extra time for bacon rolls and a cup of tea afterwards in our athletics track cafe!

How do I sign up?

In the first instance, message us from the contacts page to register your interest and to find out when the next course is running.  Alternatively, give us a call (again, details on contacts page).  Then, download the registration form and fill it in - and bring it with you!  Simple!

I’ve never run before, can I take part?

Absolutely! In fact, complete beginners are what this course is all about....we start off so very gradually, you hardly notice that you are running more and more each week.  Just complete the 'homework' we give you twice more in the week and you will make progress.

I’m so unfit! Will I cope ?

We have had runners start with us who have never run before in their lives.  Busy mums, people in their seventies, profoundly deaf runners and two ladies recovering from strokes.  We build up so slowly and gradually you will hardly notice you are running more and more each week.  But please do see a doctor before starting the course if you feel a medical opinion is needed to begin.  And be sure to let us know of any pre-existing medical problems.

How much is the course?

Nothing!  Nada!  Free! We do this voluntarily, for the love of running. All we ask is that at the end of the course, when you have completed your first Park Run, if you have enjoyed your time with us that you donate a pound or two to a charity that we choose.

Will I have to buy lots of new running gear?

Well, first of all do NOT go out and spend a fortune on running gear. Comfortable clothing with layers, and for the ladies a good sports bra, are all you will need to start with. BUT!  We do recommend a fairly decent pair of running trainers. Any little niggles are often down to footwear, so within the first couple of weeks of a course many of our runners have gone to be fitted professionally for trainers unique to them.

What happens at the end of the course?

Our courses typically last for 9 or 10 weeks.....we adjust it each time depending on ability.  We build up to our grand finale of group participation in Bromley Parkrun, a distance of 5km (3 miles).  Then, if you have got the running bug, you are welcome to go out each week with our improver groups who cover 3-4 miles each week on a brisk road run. Alternatively, you may want to think about joining a running club - look at the links we have to our local running clubs on the 'About us' drop down page (Our running club friends).