What running groups do Z2H have?

Z2H RUNNING GROUPS (Open to all full Club members):
WEDNESDAY (CLUB DAY) Z2H GROUPS: We have 5 different groups leaving the park on Wednesday mornings - here is a summary of them:

STEADY IMPROVERS - the group most of you will enter after graduation. Covers 5km, with lots of stops to have a drink, chat and breathe! A chance to get better at the 5km distance. 10am start.
STEP-UP IMPROVERS - up to 7km. Still lots of re-groups. 9.50am start.
9.50 FLYERS - up to 8/9km. Again, plenty of stops and the odd joke or two. As the name suggests, leave the park at 9.50am.
STEADY ADVANCED - this group covers 10-11km. Leaves at 9.45am.
FST - this stands for Fitness and Stamina Training. It is a fun session working on speed, hills, interval training and will help you get your parkrun time down. We strongly recommend alternating Steady Advanced and FST when you get to that level. Leaves at 9.45am.
OTHER Z2H GROUPS: Various other groups run on other days and times:

CHATTERJOGGERS have very sociable runs at 9am on Monday and Friday mornings. Suitable for anyone who can run a park run in about 32 minutes. Typically 6-9k depending on weather, injuries, hangovers... This is an informal group and may or may not have a qualified Leader. Leaving from the track car park.

Monday evening 10k - 7pm (moved from Tuesdays). This group meets on a Monday Evening at 19:00 in the Hayes Lane Car Park of Norman Park. We aim to cover from around 6k, building up to around 10k depending upon the number of inclines on the route. We attempt to cover a different route each week on well lit quiet roads so torches are not essential.
Although we meet in the car park off Hayes Lane, we tend to park outside in case the gates are locked early. These runs are open to everyone. No one ever gets left behind and there are always cut off points, for those runners that need them, built into the routes.

Tuesday Evening Run. 5-6k at a steady pace. (Now known as the NIGHT OWLS!) Meet at car park near the track at 7pm. Please bring ICE tags and water. (And a £1 for a cuppa afterwards)!

HOMEWORK group meets at the track cafe and leaves at 10am on Mondays and Fridays. During courses the group repeats the Wednesday beginners session. Between courses, runs are more ad-hoc, typically 4-6k.

Where do you meet?

We meet in the carpark of Norman Park (The Meadway carpark on the mini roundabout).  The groups start going out from 9.45 'til 10am on Wednesday mornings. Each session lasts up to approximately one hour.....but add some extra time for bacon rolls and a cup of tea afterwards in our athletics track cafe!

How do I sign up?

In the first instance, message us from the contacts page to register your interest and to find out when the next course is running.  Alternatively, give us a call (again, details on contacts page).  Then, download the registration form and fill it in - and bring it with you!  Simple!

I’ve never run before, can I take part?

Absolutely! In fact, complete beginners are what this course is all about....we start off so very gradually, you hardly notice that you are running more and more each week.  Just complete the 'homework' we give you twice more in the week and you will make progress.

I’m so unfit! Will I cope ?

We have had runners start with us who have never run before in their lives.  Busy mums, people in their seventies, profoundly deaf runners and two ladies recovering from strokes.  We build up so slowly and gradually you will hardly notice you are running more and more each week.  But please do see a doctor before starting the course if you feel a medical opinion is needed to begin.  And be sure to let us know of any pre-existing medical problems.

How much is the course?

Nothing!  Nada!  Free! We do this voluntarily, for the love of running. All we ask is that at the end of the course, when you have completed your first Park Run, if you have enjoyed your time with us that you donate a pound or two to a charity that we choose.

Will I have to buy lots of new running gear?

Well, first of all do NOT go out and spend a fortune on running gear. Comfortable clothing with layers, and for the ladies a good sports bra, are all you will need to start with. BUT!  We do recommend a fairly decent pair of running trainers. Any little niggles are often down to footwear, so within the first couple of weeks of a course many of our runners have gone to be fitted professionally for trainers unique to them.

What happens at the end of the course?

Our courses typically last for 9 or 10 weeks.....we adjust it each time depending on ability.  We build up to our grand finale of group participation in Bromley Parkrun, a distance of 5km (3 miles). Then, if you have got the running bug, you are welcome to become a Zero to Hero Runners Club member and go out each week with our Club groups who cover from 5-10km (3-6) miles each week on a variety of runs.  There is a group for all abilities. Alternatively, you may want to think about joining another running club - look at the links we have to our local running clubs on the 'About us' drop down page (Our running club friends).