Sam Barnett – September 2015

I started the 025k course in September2015. At the time of starting I was a complete novice runner and only knew a couple of people on the course. In the first week I found guidance and alot of support from the course leaders. Over the last few months I have made a lot of new friends both with other wannabe runners and all the instructors. I have now completed a couple of park runs but don’t yet believe I have built up the stamina I want, so in January I am just going to start all over again. If you want to start, but are nervous, just come for the first week and see how friendly and welcoming everyone is, I’m sure you’ll be back.

Julie Brabner – September 2015

I cant believe that over 9 weeks I was able to complete a 5k run from getting out of breath running for 60 seconds!  This course has been fantastic, the support and encouragement from the coaches has been unbelievable.  I have met new friends and feel so well in myself.  Everyone is so friendly and everyone looks after each other.  Its absolutely brilliant and has changed my life as I really look forward to running now as my exercise.  I would encourage any one to do it. I started at the end of September 2015 so still a newbie but loving it. Thank you so much .....

Janet Edmonds-Walker – September 2015

I joined this running group in September 2015 with my first Parkrun due at the end of November. To say I was dubious as to whether I was going to complete that run not to mention enjoy the experience is an understatement. However I couldn't have been more wrong. Not only has it been a great few months and yes I did do the Parkrun but I've also made some great friends through it too.  You are all in the same boat - differing levels of fitness and ages and lots of us had stories of why we had decided to take up this challenge (and it is a challenge sometimes when it's pouring with rain!!) but most of us completed the course and the run. But what is even more surprising (and brilliant) is we're carrying on running. This is largely due to the fantastic support and commitment from the volunteers who turn up several times a week, supporting us, running with us and providing great advice (and bacon rolls!!) We are not a pretentious group, we are not all brilliant runners. We do our best and we enjoy it.

Fi Patel – September 2015

I was exceptionally nervous going along to Norman Park in Bromley one Wednesday morning in September!  I'd seen an ad somewhere during the summer about a course getting absolute beginners to run 5k.  I'm not sure what drew me to that advert, but its clear message was that the people running the course could get absolutely anybody to run 5k!  Now, I've WALKED plenty of marathons, but what I have NOT done is any running - none whatsoever.  So, I went along with a couple of friends and got stuck in.  And week by week, the incredible people running the course kept up their enthusiasm and determination to get us to run - and run we did!  Only a minute or so at first, but it wasn't long before we were running 5 mins non stop, then 8, then 12 and so on!  Until we all found ourselves at the start line of a 5k Park Run.  And we did that too!  I wasn't looking for any record time.  I just wanted to finish having run every single step.  I still can't quite believe I did it, but I have a medal to prove it, so it must be true!  The coaches are extraordinary.  They give up their time for free every single week and are so kind and encouraging to everyone.  It was a truly amazing experience.  Thanks to them all - I am fitter and happier as a result - which can only be a great thing!

Nick Keeble – April 2015

If someone had told me a year ago that I'd ever refer to myself as a runner I'd have choked on my fish and chips, but here I am, a runner! I very nervously turned up for Zeros to Heroes back in April, having never done any serious running before and was hooked straight away. Everyone was so friendly and their enthusiasm so infectious I haven't looked back since. The coaches are all brilliant. I can honestly say it's the best thing I've done in a long time. I never thought running could be such fun. It's completely changed my life! Now, where did I put those chips I've earned...

Nichola Mcdonald – September 2015

I was encouraged by my friend, Amanda, who sold me the group, and the whole running experience! I have always written it off, saying I have bad knees etc, without ever having tried! So, the first ever day, it rained! And I didn't fancy that either, I think I'm more a fair weather runner. But after that, I was hooked, I missed only one session, and each week I surprised myself even more, completed the homework, bought the new running shoes! I think after running, my first 15 minutes, non stop, I felt very emotional, proud that I'd actually achieved something for myself. As the weeks have gone by, I genuinely look forward to it, and the friendly welcome extended by all the volunteers. Each week we are pushed just that little bit more, so it's varied and you don't get bored! I love it, and have even roped my ten year old into it, he completed his first park run two weeks ago in just 26 minutes!! I'm proud to call myself a runner!! A big thank you to all !!

Siobhan Dunkley – April 2015

Always told myself I couldn't run ..... and do you know what without that meet up every Wednesday and the will of the coaches and my (now) friends I don't think I would be ...... running( errrm) 5k every week and enjoying every minute!  Thank you Zero2Heros

Anne Boundy – September 2015

I went along to the first meeting with my trainers on but nerves in my heart. I didn't really know what to expect but it was all made so easy for us. We soon became a friendly group with lots of chat as well as plenty of running, very good advice and lots of encouragement. I was so surprised at my progress and was delighted to be able to run 5k by the end of the course. I can't praise our course leaders enough. They have given me a new fitness as well as a love of running. We were a large group and it is a testament to the our leaders enthusiasm and care that so many of us can now run a 5k Park Run. It has truly been a treat this Autumn to be part of this friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic running group.

Rachael Purchase – January 2015

I joined the beginners group in January 2015 having played a bit of netball but never been able to run to far, and I am still running now! The support of the group is amazing and without them I would not still be running as its not as much fun on your own. Huge thank you to all the leaders who are fantastic at what they do and all voluntary for the love of it. The social of side of cuppa and bacon sarney afterwards has meant I have met some fabulous people. Wednesday is my favourite day of the week without a doubt.

Lindsay Alger – April 2015

I can run and I still cant believe it. I turned up actually believing that I couldn't do it and I faced the challenge a bit like an experiment; I would put myself in the hands of experienced runners, do exactly as I was told and according to them, I would be able to run 5K after 10 weeks. To be honest I felt I had little chance of success. How wrong. Not only can I now run 5K, in fact I do that and more three times a week, just you try and stop me, but, I have met great friends, lost 2 stone in weight and have had the pleasure of seeing so many other 'non believers' achieve their dreams too. From April 2015; my life changed.

Amanda Knowles – April 2015

I joined the course in April 2015 a non-runner with absolutely no fitness at all. I was cynical that anyone could really get me to a 5k run in 9 weeks as it seemed so impossible to me. The team of amazing, welcoming, friendly coaches opened up a whole new world for me and completely proved me wrong. Their friendliness and reassurance each week kept me coming back for more. The coaches make each individual feel important to the team. This has changed my life for the better. My whole family now run and enjoy running together and I am so much happier. I have also met some amazing new friends who are encouraging and celebrate each other's achievements.

Joanne Negus – April 2015

I often walked my dog at Norman Park and would watch in admiration at the runners every week. One Wednesday I braved it and approached Richard, the organiser. I had never spoken to Richard and immediately felt at ease as Richard explained what the course involved and that the next course would be starting in April 2015. I was very nervous on the morning but found myself surrounded by a group of very pleasant men and women of different ages and abilities. The coaches Richard, Jo and Lisa were very thorough in their warm up, the jogging and cool down routines. I soon found that I was eager for the next session to come to challenge myself further. I had never enjoyed running previously but this group changed my whole outlook. It is now December and I continue to meet up on a Wednesday for our weekly run and of course natter with my now running friends. I participate at the Park Run on Saturday's where I enjoy trying to get a personal best. An excellent running group which I am proud to be part of.

Elizabeth Hannan – September 2015

Who would have thought that at 66 years of age, never having run before, I can now run 5k in just under 40 minutes and enjoy it hugely. When I started I couldn’t run a full minute without stopping to walk. And I don’t need slimming club any more because after the course finished I carried on running with the friends I made and go out at least twice a week as well as doing Park Run as often as I can. I can’t thank the coaches, helpers and members of the group enough for the instruction, advice, camaraderie, and fun which got me here. I really am a runner now.